Shits And Giggles

Apologies in advance – there might be rather more wedding-related content here than you’d prefer between now and September, since the preparation will be taking up a fair amount of my time these last 6 weeks. I will, however, try to keep vapid gushing about people Sharing Our Joy! to a minimum, and instead, focus on anecdotes like these:

#1: My cousin has four adorable sons, three of whom will be participating in stealing the show at our wedding mass. My mum called my cousin’s wife to discuss the boys’ outfits and emailed me an update, according to which our ring-bearers will be wearing “long pants and shits and waist coats”.

#2: While waiting for the bus home, I started a reply to a friend’s RSVP text message, intending to inform him that “Yish is considering wearing a sari to the wedding.” As my bus was arriving, I continued texting without looking at the screen as I walked towards it and boarded. Once on, I took my seat, glanced at the screen in preparation to send, realized the predictive text system had inserted “rash” instead of “sari” and was beset by immediate giggles which continued bubbling up intermittently and embarrassingly throughout the long journey.


  1. Shit, sounds like those kids will be better dressed than me!

    I’m off to the gym for the 2nd time today. Fitting into my suit is going to be a bitch. Only got a month to go! New threads may be in order.

  2. At least you’ve got a suit to try and fit into. At the moment, as far as Alec’s wedding clothes are concerned he’s going to spend the whole day nude. There I’ll be with my naked groom, my shit-smeared ring-bearers, and my rash-covered guest, at which point I will have what every bride attempts but which few actually succeed in accomplishing – an entirely unique wedding.

  3. Ah I see you’ve opted for the traditional celtic wedding. Shame. After traveling half way across the globe I was hoping for something a little more exotic.

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