Shiny Shiny

After losing my trusty little Ixus 430 in Cambodia last December, I spent 6 painful camera-less months waiting for Canon to release a version of the Powershot which had both a vari-angle LCD screen and O.I.S. before caving in to a good offer on the Fujifilm F31fd, which is an extremely good compact camera in other ways but has neither of those things. I felt I couldn’t wait any longer for the perfect camera to be released because I wanted enough time to get familiar with a new camera before bringing it on honeymoon in September, and I also knew June to September were going to be too crazy for me to keep monitoring camera release schedules.

And of course, now I’m back from honeymoon Canon has deigned to release the A650IS in Singapore. It looks like ass, but it’s exactly what I spent all this time waiting for. I’ve decided to spend the next three or four months agonizing over how to justify the extravagance of owning 2 digital cameras, at the end of which time the price will hopefully have dropped and I will then pounce. But you can feel free to start affirming or reproaching my future extravagance right now. (For what it’s worth, I use everything else until it dies. I still have a videoless 4th generation iPod, a 2003 Thinkpad, and a 64MB thumbdrive.)


  1. Managed to drop my Powershot in a nightclub on Wednesday and had a heart attack when I realised I’d lost it. Some friend of a friend of a friend found it and the camera made it’s way back to me a few hours later. Score!

  2. The Fujifilm is much smaller than the bulky Canon and has tremendous low-light capability, which is important to me because I take lots of pictures in bad light. Plus, the model has been discontinued so if I later regret selling it, I can’t just repurchase. There are even people who have stocked up on extra models in this line of cameras so they can keep using it when their existing one dies! (The new Fujifilm models aren’t considered as good as this older line.)

    So yeah, I can’t bear to sell off the Fujifilm camera! Argh!

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