She’s Lost Control Again

This week’s Breezeblock show has an even higher hit:miss ratio than usual, although the Knifehandchop live session should be skipped if you’re prone to nosebleeds. I started making a list of the good tracks but got tired of it because I was pretty much just adding every track. Can anyone out there be a lovely geek saviour and tell me how to record RealAudio streams and convert them to mp3?

Django’s offer of 25% off new CDs AND free shipping for new CD orders over $25 was just too good to resist.

  • Low and Dirty Three: In The Fishtank ($8.78)
  • TV On The Radio: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes ($9.58)
  • Mogwai: Ten Rapid ($9.58)
  • Diverse: One A.M. ($11.18)
  • Explosions In The Sky: Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place ($11.98)


[Random question: does anyone find my frequent use of lyrics/song titles as blog entry titles pretentious?]


  1. How long does it usually take for your orders to get to you? I’ve been waiting for my last order for 5 weeks already and I’m beginning to think that they’re lost again.

    What amazing luck I have!

  2. “does anyone find my frequent use of lyrics/song titles as blog entry titles pretentious?”

    I can honestly say that the idea has never crossed my mind.

  3. Benny: I must admit I don’t really bother keeping track, but five weeks sounds kinda long. You probably have to wait one more week and then write to them.

    Matt: Thanks very much for the help! A Breezeblock mp3 now sits happily on my hard drive. Getting it wasn’t the most straightforward process in the world so I feel geekily exhilarated with my success in figuring out redirector URLs and the like. Tracking down streaming URLs is such fun!

    Alec: Um, dear, the question was directed at people whose grasp of indie music lyrics extends beyond “Caribooooouuuuu”.

  4. Pretentious? Lord knows, but it pleases me no end to hear a Joy Division reference in a fellow Singaporean’s blog.

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