Shameless Shopping

Yesterday I worshipped at the altar of Consumerism, a last flailing attempt to take advantage of the Great Singapore Sale before it ends. The gods of dollar voting must have been fairly appeased – I bought earrings, shoes, skirt, bag, lingerie and CD (The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), and came home near midnight shamelessly pleased with myself.

And still more remains to be bought, bought, bought, and it’s almost all unnecessary. More shoes, more clothes, more bags (all’s well now on the lingerie front though, just so you know), definitely more CDs (first, recent releases like Reveal, 10000 Hz Legend, Miss E, Bachelor No. 2 that I can probably get cheap, and then I start badgering Borders staff to order Wagon Christ and Sigur Ros and Unwound), definitely more books (this depends on what I can find in the library, though. Anthropology and Cryptonomicon will probably be bought, but I think I’ll have to wait for a cheaper version of American Gods, which makes me sad), and this all makes for definite steps towards financial ruin.

Today was dinner with CAP Council 2001 at Marche, which is as overpopular and overpriced as it always has been, but at least they suffered the antics of our “table for 13?” for three hours before politely asking us to leave.