Secrets From Turkey

Phew. It’s been an amazing nine days in Turkey, which I’ve been documenting faithfully in my beat-up travel notebook and will type up and put up here some time after I get back, but for now I’ve popped in to say that significant changes to our travel plans have taken place – Yanbin’s grandmother has passed away in Singapore, and he’s had to fly home for the funeral. Yan Yan and I are continuing to Greece. Yan Yan flies back to the States two days before Yanbin and I were originally due to fly back to the UK, so now I’m going to spend the last two days in Greece on my own.

Note: NO ONE READING THIS WHO KNOWS ME TELLS MY MOTHER (or anyone else in my family, obviously), please. (Ken, I especially mean you, if you’re still in Singapore and happen to run into my family in the lifts or whatever) She can’t worry about it if she doesn’t know.

I’m excited. The Athens Symphony Orchestra is playing The Planets and Adagio For Strings in the theatre of Epidavrus on the 21st. Originally I’d thought I wouldn’t be able to go because I wasn’t sure how interested everyone else would be but now it looks like I might manage it.

That’s it for now – typing on Turkish keyboards is a bit of a pain. I’ll try again in Greece, which will have to make a hell of an effort to match up to fantastic Turkey.