Scotland: Final Update

The end is near, and more’s the pity, because it’s been a good trip. We’re in an easyEverything in Edinburgh, just in from our Highlands fling. We dumped our bags in the hostel, which is a charming backpacker place where every bed has a name (mine’s Trigger, Luke’s is Trainspotter), and headed out to see Edinburgh at night, eventually ending up here.

I’m not going to go into the details right now – my hand is a little the worse for wear after accidentally fondling a nettle earlier today, and it’s been a long day. We get back to London early Sunday morning, and I’ll probably manage something then, although I then have to start preparing for the finals of my senior mooting competition, which have conveniently been arranged for the day I was meant to be flying back to Singapore, at the time I was meant to be checking in, and I was only informed of this the day before I set out on this trip. This is obviously tremendously annoying in a multitude of ways, but I’ll worry about all that when I get back to London.