Russ Invades

One would mistake these words as those of Michelle, but alas I am not who you think I am. No. For I am Russ, the name that Michelle spatters across her blog like a 4 year old kid with a new paint set.

"What is this before my eyes?(!)" I hear your cry. Is this some form of black magick that has invaded Michelle’s World? No. There is no magick involved, this is not a trick. For She has given me the honour of sending a message on her behalf to inform you of her brief absence.

Where has She gone? She has gone to compete amongst the best of the Best at the World Debating Championships in Glasgow (sponsored by Accenture, formerly known as Andersen Consulting). Wish her and her partner luck by sending her your sentiments. She will be back in London on Thursday 4th January 2001.

Happy holidays.