Roadside Haul

I will never walk past roadside CD stalls in disdain again. The Goodge Street one I mentioned a few days ago now has a devoted rummager. For the princely sum of £18, I now own:

  • A Grand Love Story (Kid Loco, £5)
  • Code 4109 (DJ Krush, £5)
  • Field Studies (Quasi, £4)
  • Breath From Another (Esthero, £4)

They were closing up, so all I had time to do was find the ones I’d seen the other day. There remain lots of tacky plastic baskets of uncategorized CDs marked “Pop Rock CDs £5 & Under!” for nosing through, and I can’t wait.

So You Wanna Fake Being An Indie Rock Expert is hilarious (and sometimes informative, blush) reading. (Thanks Jerm!)

I admit to owning and enjoying Sarah McLachlan albums, but this Onion article about Lilith Fair is a must-read, even if you’re not terribly interested in synchronized ovulation.

“I’ve never been around so many people who share my interest in women’s issues and social justice,” Jewel said. “It makes me want to ride my horse bareback through a forest stream.”