Finished the DipSing exams on Friday (passing, however, is a huge assumption I’m not willing to make right now), hopped on a plane that very night and have resumed my perfect London life right back where I left off. Saturday lazy lunch, Covent Garden girliness, coffee at Paul’s with Nav, dinner and drinks in Brixton with Nick; Sunday mass at Newman House, Spitalfields Market trawl, lazy afternoon in Hyde Park with Russ and Dave, Múm gig at night. London is as beautiful and bizarre and all-out wonderful as it has always been, and the part of me that loves comfort zones wishes I had just decided to spend the entire 15 days here instead of attempting to explore new parts of Europe I haven’t been to yet.

There’s so much more I was meaning to write today, but Russ is waiting patiently for our precious Russ’n’Michelle time to start, and I don’t want to lose any of that. I think we’ll do a Regent’s Canal walk today.

I’ve been told by other people who studied overseas and have since had to return to Singapore that as time passes, you gradually begin to accept that you’re back, and that part of your life is over, and Singapore isn’t really that bad. Unfortunately, this has obviously not happened to me yet. Being here only reminds me just how much Singapore sucks donkey bollocks in comparison. I have not felt so happy, so sad, so thoroughly alive for months. And Alec hasn’t even arrived yet! (Later today. I can’t wait!)


  1. haaa….u bet. I understand how you feel.

    Sad to say, I am stuck in Sg at least for another 10 years from now slogging at work to earn enough money …… :( oh ya, Sg is not too bad after all….*self-pycho-ing*

  2. As someone who has lived in London for all of his adult life, I really don’t get it. Someday I hope to visit Singapore to find out just how dire it is… This has nothing to do with some sort of donkey fetish.

  3. Singapore’s nice to visit for a few days. But living there’s a different proposition. It’s quite big on amenity, low on soul.

  4. Singapore: at least its not Gateshead.

    – Sorry I couldn’t make it down there. Hope you’re having a wonderful time.

  5. Do you remember me saying to you last November, Mich, that I didn’t think we were going to stay here cos I didn’t think it was a good place to bring up kids blah blah blah?

    Well, the longer we live here the more roots I’m putting down. I love England. I love the fact that the people are my kind of people, that I’m blissfully happy partaking of all that she’s got to offer, and that I’m anonymous and free to do whatever the hell I like without XYZ from years ago gossiping about me.

    And looking at the kids in Sg today makes me think that apart from the obvious good things about them having grandpeople and other family around them, that they’re probably going to be better off here…

    (Just don’t tell my parents :p)

  6. I wanna move back, does that make me the freak? Seriously though, there’s a lot I love about England that I would miss tremendously should I leave, but I also miss a lot about Singapore. I think opportunity comes more easily in Singapore, for one. And the food, my God, the food. The weather, which I never imagined I would appreciate, and even the people!!

  7. i can’t believe you’re back! :) Enjoy yourself (but I think you’re doing that already).

    I’m stuck in limbo – don’t know if I prefer London or Singapore yet. :(

  8. I’m hoping I’d say I love both Singapore and San Francisco when I move back in a couple of months.

    I did enjoy my spring break in Singapore. I even loved the weather! Does that make me a freak too?

    The fact that I’ll be renting my own place and live with Patrick will make it a far easier transition, I assume.

  9. Singapore is alright – if you’re a girl. Guys have to do two years national service, which just about tips the scale in favour of pretty much any other first world country.

    This is probably a personal bias, but I’ve had a much better time working with a small start-up consultancy in the UK than my godfather’s small accountancy firm (did some work for ‘im and never got paid.) He does a lot of work for the NKF too which doesn’t make it any better.

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