Restraint, In A Fashion

Yesterday, I finally managed some restraint. Let me begin by explaining that I’d headed to Oxford Street to return an item of clothing at H & M, but got there too late after a number of, er, distractions, on the way. So rather than waste the journey, I went into HMV, since it was still open.

The sale was surprisingly good, with lots of albums that I’d have bought if I didn’t already own them. After walking around a bit, I found Boss Hog’s Whiteout (9.99), Grandaddy’s The Sophtware Slump (9.99), Kruder & Dorfmeister’s The K & D Sessions (10.99), Craig Armstrong’s The Space Between Us (6.99) and an indie rock compilation with various interesting people on it (4.99).

BUT!! I only ended up buying the Craig Armstrong, and I’ve even decided to return that, because it’s not good enough to own. I figured I can either wait till I get Boss Hog and Grandaddy on Django, or wait until I get back to Singapore and get them at affordable prices from Borders. And I’ll borrow the K & D off Nick. Voila! Money saved, to spend frivolously another day. :P