Reasons To Live

Anticipatory exam dread and its accompanying crabbiness seem to have arrived exceptionally early this year. I could say this is mostly because it’s my final year but must admit that it is probably also due in no small part to the strange coincidence between me deciding to give Coke up for Lent and everyone I live with suddenly deciding that Coke is their favourite drink, drinking it everywhere and leaving half-empty cans of Coke around the house.

Still, not all is glum. The early hours of this morning were spent worshipping at the altar of hallmate Michael’s colossal CD collection (which I subsequently plundered, and intend to thoroughly rape and pillage in future), then listening to some of the spoils (Mogwai: EP + 6, then Godspeed You Black Emperor!: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven) while snuggled in bed with Cryptonomicon and peach mousse. It may have been a waste of two hours I should have spent working, but at least it didn’t involve Vegas-style Solitaire, which Alec evilly introduced me to last week and which I have been weaning myself off ever since.

Also, the Ali G movie is coming out soon. A reason to live if ever one was needed.