Reason To Celebrate

Today marks one year since I returned to Singapore, and one year Alec and I have spent in different continents from each other. It’s also Alec’s birthday.

During this year, I have drawn much-needed comfort from him at some of the lowest points in my life, discovered countless new things to love about him, and embarrassed myself frequently while alone in public when the thought of him brings a smile to my face.

Many people don’t believe that long-distance relationships can work. I’ve become accustomed to the look of polite disbelief that passes fleetingly across people’s faces when I tell them I don’t agree. I don’t really blame them, given that everyone has examples of this friend who got cheated on and that friend who got stifled by jealousy and still more friends for whom romance without physical proximity was just unsustainable.

Theoretically, I understand how all these problems can arise, but from the personal experience I’ve had so far, I can’t actually identify with any of them in reality. If I feel this lucky and blessed and loved now, what more when he finally moves over? In the meantime I wait, hope, and thank God for him.


  1. Happy birthday to Alec, and much congratulations to you two. I think, Michelle, there’s also the strength of character factor.

    in the meantime, there’s fish juice all over my desk

  2. Thanks Michelle,

    I’m reading this post almost first thing in the morning. It makes a lovely treat and already makes the day seem quite special.

    I’m proud too that we’ve managed to grow closer even as we are geographically far apart. Despite the success it remains a deeply unsatisfactory situation. I will be happier next year with some mumbelled, banal congradulations if they come from your lips rather than your web log.

  3. Happy Birthday Alec, even though you haven’t met me yet. I look forward to meeting up with you. And introducing you to Patrick. Then me and Michelle can put on our shortest skirts and biggest pushup bras and keep looking around to see who’s looking at us and speak with faux-slangs and pretend to be titty-SPGs.

    That aside, I am so happy for you guys to have made it so far so well. Cheers!

  4. Belated Birthday greetings Alec,

    Hope you could find a hostelry fitting of the celebrations.

    Michelle, worry not isle make sure “his lordship” keeps his appointment with you next year, and in the mean time i have resolved to make you as interested in the cinematograph as you are in the gramophone, or what ever it is you krazy kids r calling it these days.

  5. Sounds like a plan, Kelly. To be extra crass we can stuff our bras with greenbacks. (I hope you brought a lot back with you…)

  6. Sounds like a great night out and so easy to organise. If you girls simply pop down to Boat Quay on a weekend night I should be easy to spot.

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