Real Life Syndrome Strikes Again

I never really mentioned the debating tournament I have to organize for Saturday, my skyrocketing workload or the fact that I have to spend about six or seven hours a week organizing the liturgical music for my hall before, mostly because I don’t like whinging and do my damndest to refrain from it, but this week I think the proverbial shit just hit the proverbial fan.

But! I am far less stressed than I should be, mostly due to frivolous shopping, decadent meals (Busaba Eathai lunch with Ken, dinner at Mash for Gareth’s 21st birthday), and a Mercury Rev gig tonight – these diversions (oh, mustn’t forget Bailey’s doubles) have done a remarkably good job of persuading me that I still have a life, and therefore I remain reasonably smiley, albeit occasionally wild-eyed and muttery.

And! Once tomorrow is over Reading Week starts, and I will magically combine some solid academic catching-up with more frivolous shopping, hopefully The Homecoming, hopefully The Man Who Wasn’t There, hopefully Amsterdam, and it will be one of the first times in my life I’ve actually deserved a bloody good break.