Reading Vs Watching The Watchmen

I previously explained why I will not be re-reading Watchmen before seeing the movie. For lots of interesting differing views, some Watchmen-specific and others generally applicable to anyone who often watches movies made from books/comics, see this recent Ask Metafilter question.


  1. I will not be re-reading the book before watching the movie because I can’t find where I put my copy. I turned my room upside down looking for it the other week because someone wanted to borrow it.

    I’m very much looking forward to the film. It looks amazing. The Dark Knight was good, but it didn’t have a patch on the better comics. I still think something that takes a more literal approach (which the Watchmen director seems to be a big fan of) is going to result in something more compelling. The idea of trying to do a really, really long DVD version that doesn’t cut anything out of the book is fantastic. It’s more in line with a mini-TV series or something.

  2. Not sure whether your enthusiasm for a particular American performer continues unabated, but will we see you in July in London?

  3. Is there much point in seeing MJ now? It’s going to be a procession of syrupy balads because he can’t do such high octane dancing for an hour anymore. That is if his health doesn’t make him cancel altogether.

    I saw Watchmen yesterday afternoon and it was fantastic. Didn’t drag at all. Structure is a bit odd for a movie but I think that’s a good thing. Gives it a different feel from any film I’ve seen before. I’m looking forward to seeing the extended DVD version because if I have any criticism it’s that they didn’t quite have time to flesh out all the characters backstories completely, even if Zack makes a valiant effort.

  4. Well, he seemed pretty chipper at the announcement. But it’s not going to be the show it was in the eighties/nineties.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this Watchmen thing, and no one has mentioned Samuel Vimes or Carrot, or Nobby Nobbs. It doesn’t sound very true to the original.

  5. Matt: Ha ha! I’d only just finished reading Thud! today, and whenever they asked “Who watches the Watchmen?”, I kept having visions of The Comedian and Rorschach suddenly appearing in Ankh-Morpork.

  6. The watchmen= best Alan Moore adaptation yet = damning with very faint praise (and tiny sized fonts).

    will still probably get extra special extended edition (where rorshach comes round and breathes down your neck everytime you watch the dvd/blue-ray/vhs/16mm or which ever version you got)

  7. Sorry for the lack of response everyone – we still haven’t managed to see the film yet, and I disappeared into a Youtube pit of unrelated obsessions.

    Since all 50 of Michael’s concerts sold out in a matter of hours (SUCK IT, HATERS!), I will unfortunately not be travelling to London for that purpose Matt. You know I always find my way back somehow though. :)

    blh: The Blu-Ray special edition features sort of write themselves, don’t they?

    James: If you have Betamax, every time you watch it a new Rorschach blot is superimposed on the screen. But that’s just the mouldy tape.

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