Random Rules Rules

Oh! Oh! Stylus’s latest Perfect Moments In Pop instalment features a song I adore – Random Rules, by the Silver Jews – and is absolutely spot-on about what makes the song and the band so quietly stupendous.

In fact, the almost complete congruence between the sentiments of the article and my three-year-old post about the same song, is actually kinda freaky. Checkit.


  1. Michelle – Dec 19, 2004:

    “My two oldest guy friends are Ken and Roy. (Well, I had a good friend called Cavan Wee in kindergarten, but we lost touch once we entered primary school. Email me if you ever read this, Cavan!)”

    Michelle – its Cavan.

    Its been 18 years since we last spoke!

    Being an arrogant bum, I googled myself and stumbled on your blog.

    Now, all of these childhood memories are surging through my mind – good shepard, miss bala, morning tea coloured twirly biscuits, bringing my rabbit to kindergarten, ur grandparents, etc…

    I’ve been living in Australia for the past 12 years – where are you?

  2. Cavan?! This is bloody amazing!

    Looked for a personal email address at the URL you left with your comment but couldn’t really find one, so I guess I’ll just have to reply here.

    To cut 18 years into a very short paragraph (!), I studied law in London but am currently back in Singapore to serve my scholarship bond. Not a situation I find ideal, but also not something I’m prepared to change at the moment.

    To your list of kindergarten memories, I’d add the milo and barley (both of which I found utterly vile), us playing “ship captains” with the playground ship structure thing, and the time I brought a fake snake to school and scared so many people with it that it got confiscated!

    From your URL it seems like you’ve been doing pretty cool stuff and I’d love to catch up at greater length over email – send condensed post-kindergarten life history to syntaxfree at gmail dot com!

    Can’t believe I’ve found you this way! Blogs rock.

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