Radio Ga Ga

Matt asked for Internet radio links, an area I am willing and able to help with, given that I listen to all my music via the Internet these days (okay, okay, MTV too) due to the total banality of Singapore radio.

Matt-specific links:

  • Last FM: A great range of material and stations. From Aphex Twin to Emmylou Harris to Miles Davis to Portishead to Sonic Youth to you get the picture.
  • Videos from the Montreux Jazz Festival, including performances by Radiohead, Mogwai, Jimi Tenor and Big Band and, er, The Stereophonics if you like them. :P (I haven’t had time yet to see The Roots, RJD2 and Yo La Tengo performances, but certainly will at some point. Also Flavor Flav just for the fun of it!)
  • Not quite radio, but I don’t suppose you’ll say no to a mindbogglingly large array of obscure Radiohead mp3s
  • John Peel on Radio One

Other online radio sources I use regularly, for anyone else who’s interested:

  • D*I*R*T*Y for a large archive of mixes, including sets by DJ Shadow vs PC (and many other Solid Steel mixes), Matmos, Four Tet and Susumu Yokota
  • The Breezeblock on Radio One
  • Spank Radio: Lots of indie, mostly okay. Playlist includes Rachel’s, Polvo, Red House Painters, Interpol.
  • Anything on 1Xtra, where I wander from dancehall show to drum’n’bass show to garage show like a country bumpkin in a vast amazing city of utter joy.

[Mp3 treats for the day, courtesy of boom selection: scroll down the page to the entries for March 4 and March 6. There you will find a veritable treasure trove of the insanely catchy. Please treat yourself to drum’n’bass and glitch remixes of Toxic, and the dancehall divaness of Lady Stush ($ Sign) and Ce’cile (Rude Bwoy Thug Life).]


  1. Michelle, the Montreux Festival has a live set from Nada Surf. I know it’ll disappoint you how happy that makes me. Thanks for the info, I’ll treasure these links.

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