Quarantine (Eavan Boland)

Perhaps I’m just mushy because my husband’s away on a business trip and I miss him, but I liked this poem.

I am not exactly sure if Alec would warm my feet with his chest while we were both dying of starvation and cold (this would be asking a lot of anyone – my feet are blocks of ice even in normal air-conditioning), but he does go out in the mid-day sun on the weekends to buy me bubble tea and ayam penyet, which is also worth something.

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  1. i liked the poem. i don’t know why love has to be drenched in so much sentimentality, (though I’m guilty of it myself). sometimes it is the little acts which speak the most.

    of course, the other way to look at it is alec is a wise man would rather be out in the midday sun than spend time with a cranky wife with ayam penyat in her eyes.

    *ducks* and any chance to get him back baking! =D

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