Pushing 26

I had a pretty great birthday last year. Long-time readers may be aware that despite being confident, well-adjusted and happy in every other area of my life I somehow suffer from dumb irrational birthday angst. So it really made me happy last year when loads of people remembered, my best friend sent flowers to my office, and Tortoise decided to grace Singapore with their presence.

This year’s birthday looked off to a bad start when I checked the gig schedule hopefully only to see…Jason Mraz. Thankfully, lots of preferable events quickly emerged, and I decided to take matters into my own hands for the actual day.

So this is the plan so far:

  • 15 March: Erlend Oye’s DJ set at the Mosaic music festival. I’ve long wished the dude would just quit indie music and focus on DJing because I think his taste in house music far outstrips his indie muzak.

  • 16 March: No special plans but my usual Thursday lindy hopping will probably keep me very happy. [Edit: Actually on second thoughts, I don’t really have the time for this one. Nuts.]

  • 17 March: my actual birthday. For the first time since the age of 8, I’m taking the chance on a party. Since my previous attempt at mixing my friends went okay, I decided to push my luck a little and impose a theme – being born on St Patrick’s Day makes it a no-brainer anyway. So “Craic Whores” it is then – a cheesy Irish theme party fit to inflict a lifetime’s worth of cringing on my poor Irishman.

  • 18 March: This is the tricky bit. Ideally I will spend the afternoon getting drenched in water and dye and bhangra at the Holi festival, rush home to change, rush out again to Ci’en’s party where she has kindly invited a couple of us to play music, then finally head to see GANG STARR!(!!!!!) However, in reality it is far more likely that I will collapse asleep on my bed after Holi and wake up the next morning still Technicolored. I live in hope though.


  1. if it helps, i’ll be having a major major exam comprising neurology, rheumatology, endocrinology and nephrology on your birthday and will probably be having a miserable time.

    great to see that you are taking matters into your own hands and extending your birthDAY into a birthWEEK.

    happy birthday in advance.

  2. Happy birthday in advance Mich :) Fingers crossed it’s a good, non-angsty one…

    Oh, and a question: have you disabled commenting on Swingin’ Out for the Weekend? I was going to post one in response to yours and Alec’s, but can’t. Which may be a good thing, but if you don’t want any more comments on it, maybe I could email what I’ve written to you? (Are you still at syntaxfree at gmail dot com?)

  3. (Nat: The comments on posts get automatically disabled once the posts are of a certain age. I’ll try switching them back on for that post because I’d like the discussion to continue there, but must figure out how to first!)

  4. I love Erlend’s DJ-ing too!! When i first heard DJ Kicks (very aptly named, i must add), what struck me was how you could really sense the sheer kick and joy he derives from DJ-ing.

  5. Here’s to hoping the card gets to you on time… especially since I don’t have your email or home addy – am going to email for it again (and this time keep it safe).

    I actually wanted to commed “Craic Whore” as being my favourite pun of the year…

  6. Dare I put in a request for a couple of swing dances with Alec and any other lead that happens to be there? I’ll bring my swing CDs if you’re game. But it’s your party, so don’t mind me. :o)

  7. James: Toora, Loora, Loora isn’t one of my favourites. I prefer Maggie and Annie Laurie.

    Jasmine: Good luck with the exams. :)

    Chloe: Yes, I find that DJ Kicks mix damn endearing!

    Tamara: In that case you might also like to know that I will make available a few tacky items for any guest who arrives without observing the theme. I will lay them out, and label them “Craic-cessories”.

    Dom: Alec has a good collection of big band stuff, so no need to bring swing CDs. I haven’t a clue if any other leads will be there other than Alec (unless you count Stella!), but you certainly wouldn’t need my permission to ask him for a dance! I’d say just see how first – depending on how many people come it may be a bit crowded for swinging.

    To everyone else, thanks for the birthday wishes. You’re already helping to banish that dumb angst of mine. :)

  8. Hi Michelle,

    just taking a break from all my St. Patrick days preparations (you know this is the last shopping day before the big day itself) to wish you a happy and a very green birthday


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