Purchase Notes (10 CDs)

CDs I have ordered/purchased in the last week:

From Django’s:

  • Low: The Great Destroyer
  • Andrew Bird: The Swimming Hour
  • Alison Krauss & Union Station: Lonely Runs Both Ways
  • Of Montreal: Satanic Panic In The Attic
  • Amon Tobin: Permutation (having loved this album for the last 5 years, I’m so happy to finally own it!)

5 for $10 at Music Junction, Parkway Parade:

  • Mia Doi Todd: The Golden State
  • The Rosenbergs: Mission: You
  • Steve Earle: I Feel Alright
  • The Whitlams: Torch The Moon
  • The Donnas: Spend The Night

[I saw the Mia Doi Todd and couldn’t believe my eyes, the other 4 were mostly just leaps of faith from my vague memories compiled over a decade of music geekery. It’s quite possible they’ll suck, but at 5 for $10 who cares?]

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  1. Its Monday morning and I’m browsing through my emails and listening to your Mia Doi Todd CD. Its rather lovely and comforting, like a warm cup of tea with jammy dogger biscuits. Ahh, life is good.

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