It is not a good idea to find yourself crying with laughter at work as your pupil-master (for non-lawyers, that’s basically your Big Boss Man) walks towards you.

It is even less of a good idea, when you see your pupil-master walking towards you, to switch hurriedly in panic from the cause of your tears to the Merchant Shipping Act, the end result being that you have to think of some way of explaining to your bewildered pupil-master why you are crying with laughter at the Merchant Shipping Act.


  1. Hi Michelle,

    that reminds me of a friend of mine who, as an apprentice was out late the night before and didn’t shave before work etc. So when his Master asked him was he thinking of growing a beard (what with all his manly stubble etc) he said “yes.. thats what i’m doing …growing a beard” Eventually 3 years later he shaved it off cos he hated it. (and he thought it was proably safe at that point)

  2. Kief: The word you want is “sycophant”. I was just fooling around with a title for the entry and couldn’t come up with anything better than that rather crap one.

    Brian: The beard story has kept Alec and me giggling all morning. :)

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