Pretty Good Year

My mother started 2008 in hospital with dengue fever, so until she was discharged yesterday I really didn’t have the mental wherewithal for any sort of goodbye 2007, hello 2008 blog entries. It was as much as I could do to monitor her condition, do what was necessary at work for a lotsamillion$ deal we signed yesterday, and fill the gaps in between with especially escapist TV.

In any case, it’s pretty obvious that getting married to Alec was the best thing that happened to me in 2007. He started 2008 by spending hours keeping my mum company in hospital (he’s starting a new job soon and had a few days free) and cooking me lovely dinners when I came home at night exhausted from stress. I will cut the mush because I’ve already given you enough of that before, but I am continually amazed at how I managed to luck out with this man.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead. I loved our wedding and it was totally worth all the planning hassle, but ironically one of the best things about finally being married is that we now have far more time and energy to devote to our individual hobbies, which of course also includes ridiculing each other about the lameness of said hobbies. Also reading, which is the perfect excuse to ignore each other entirely, and TV, which allows us to pretend we are spending quality time together when we actually are not. Marriage rocks, guys.

Every time I resolve in writing here to do something I inevitably fail to do so, but I think sharing these three things will be safe enough. I’ve already started on the first two, and the third is so wimpy that it is a cop-out from any actual brave resolution-making.

  1. Make more stuff with my imagination and hands:
    The Internet’s record of the crafting renaissance suggests that being inept and mediocre at this doesn’t discourage lots of other people. Inspiring!
  2. Become less financially clueless:
    Because continuing to let my life savings languish in a POSB savings account seems really, really, stupid.
  3. Exercise more than I did in 2007:
    This is easy, because I did fuck-all in 2007.

What are your resolutions, if any? (If they are actually worthwhile and will make me look pathetic, please don’t share them.)


  1. I gave up smoking, drinking and eating meat but I broke them all yesterday. Still, I was doing pretty well for 3 days.

  2. I was supposed to give up starbucks soy peppermint mocha latte. broke that just a couple hours ago.
    hope your mom is feeling better. cheers

  3. Wonderful to hear your mums OK again!

    My resolutions are do more study, and waste less time on the internet/watching TV and do more real life socialising and/or being creative.

  4. Happy belated new year, Michelle! Glad to hear your mom’s ok. Hello to Alec too.

    I’m hoping to nail your resolution #2 as well, esp. with the CPF just lying there. And hopefully, with fingers crossed, learn to drive. : )

  5. Financial Planning…..not so hard once you get down to it with a couple of good books etc etc.

    I started that in 2007 and am continuing it and have set acouple of sessions for Dustin so he know what’s going on with our financial stuff.

    I’ve actually invited another friend in on it for – going to cover personal planning and insurance, stockmarket indexes and reading company balance sheeets. Oh, am also going to do a CPF part – because I’ve finally figured out what to do with my CPF.

    That way, if Dustin doesn’t get it, and my girlfriend doesn’t get it either,it’s not because Dustin is stupid, it’s because I’m a bad teacher.

  6. rosie: I think any one of those three would have been sufficient resolution by itself!

    jas: If I had a resolution like that, I’d just shift my addiction to some other Starbucks drink. Like when I gave up Coke and potato chips one Lent, one night I tried to convince myself that Dr Pepper and Doritos were allowed. I didn’t give in though!

    James: All good. Though from what I’ve heard, you’ve been doing plenty of real life socialising…

    mayee: Definitely do the learning to drive, it’s actually lots of fun. I always dreaded it because I just had a feeling it was the sort of thing I would be all fingers and thumbs at, but in the end it was fine. I even looked forward to my driving lessons!

    karen: Sounds very pro. Dustin has definitely lit upon the right strategy, I’m sitting on my ass and asking Alec to educate me as well. :)

  7. It was very good indeed to hear of your Mum’s speedy discharge from hospital. I hope she’s completely recovered now!

    I haven’t made any resolutions so I can’t really share any. But I suppose mine would be not to make our child’s first year a dysfunctional one. I think I may already have broken that one because I’ve been singing “Old Turkey Buzzard” to the poor unsuspecting babe in the womb. Ah well.

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