Portrait Of Michelle As A Young Dork

I had high hopes that Gizmodo’s Portrait Of The Reader As A Young Dork contest would yield a significant amount of amusement for me, but unfortunately after only 3 entries it appears that an unbeatable contender has already emerged.

(I should clarify that I had no intentions of entering this competition. Sadly, it’s 11 years too late to photograph myself at 14, surfing the web on Lynx and brandishing my self-customized “Internet notebook”, into which I had cut tabs for email addresses, various bookmark categories, a definition page for terms like URL and TCP/IP, and Windows programs I wanted to install in a distant and hallowed future where I would no longer have to dial-up through MS-DOS and surf with green words on a black screen.)


  1. Hahahaha. I used to use Lynx (except I was 17). I also remember sitting at the green screen and using Telnet to connect to “Vrave: the virtual rave”. Ah, the 90s…

  2. I bet the virtual glowsticks looked pretty good on the black screen. Whistles may not have sounded great through the 9.6K modem though…

  3. Hi M.

    thank god there aren’t any actual photos but i imagine that my Amiga and I probably cast a darkly nerdy shadow when i was 14 and just loosing my puppy fat.

    thank god, now i’v got stubble and a pc (having waited another 14 years)


  4. Amiga eah? I was more of a Commodore 64 nerd myself. There was a peripheral device you could buy, a piece of plastic that fitted over the keyboard turning it, by the power of technology, into a keyboard. One of my friends could even play the theme music to Beverly Hills Cop. I’m still jealous.

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