Pool Progress

Before the Germany / Argentina match on Friday night, we managed to get an hour or so on a larger 9 foot table, since there was one free. As to be expected, since Alec is still very much the better player, he beat me 2 games to 1. Although I wasn’t quite as adept on the larger table as he was, I did manage to win the 3rd game with a shot he described as the best he’d ever seen me do and didn’t think he’d ever managed himself:

  • White and black at opposite ends of the table length, with black against the cushion
  • I designate the hole about a foot away from the white as where I’m attempting the pot
  • White travels the entire length of the table, hits black, black travels back the entire length of the table, enters designated hole
  • I win. WOOT!


  1. we should have a game some time… i know this place that has free pool before 10pm and is usually quite quiet.

  2. So, I’m not good enough for you eah Terence? Honestly, she plays a few good games and I’m being sidelined already.

  3. aw alec, of course i meant you as well… we should all go play pool some time. you may possibly thrash me too easily though…

  4. Alec, if it’s any consolation, just the other night, I was looking to play pool because I felt like getting my ass kicked… I really did! Didn’t find a (free) table though so that urge wasn’t realised.

  5. Sorry for the long silence, we’ve been in Kuching the past few days. T, we should definitely have a game! In order to become a successful hustler I’ll have to test my skills against a wide variety of people. :)

  6. I know this is out of place. But I wanted to thank you for Sonic Youth and somehow I can’t comment on that entry.

    I’ve been listening to the latest album for about 2 weeks since I happened to chance across your rave review. I don’t know why I never heard them before, because they’re awesome. I’m going to get the others.

    Thanks much!

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