Pool Pipe Dream

Forget the Argentina vs Mexico match, the match of the weekend was my 3-0 victory aqainst Alec at pool.

I won the first game only by default – he potted the white in the process of potting the black – but the other 2 were won entirely on my own steam, including one which involved potting the black with a nifty ricochet. Not since my China Jump triumph of 2004 have I had such sweet victories at pool because basically, I’ve rarely had any victories. I’ve only had very occasional games here and there with Alec and Jacob, and I always lose.

But on a Friday night about 3 weeks ago I decided, for no reason in particular, that I felt like some pool. Alec then proceeded to wipe the floor with me for the next hour, but instead of accepting this philosophically as usual, this time I vowed something had to change.

The next Saturday, in between World Cup matches, I managed to pwn David before Alec pwned us both.

And this weekend, this glorious weekend, I pwned Alec 3-0.

Things are going rather well. I hope to put in more practice, move onto snooker (which I fully realize will pwn me for ages before I’m even vaguely decent), eventually become a hustler for big bucks, buy myself out of my scholarship bond and start a new life as Johnny Depp’s masseuse.



  1. Alecs’ steez seem to be detiorating at a staggering rate. When he as 17 he could finish 1st in Sega Rally and Daytona. Now he’s getting beaten by a girl. Forshame!

  2. For the sake of accuracy, I feel the need to clarify James’ statement lest it be misunderstood.

    I have not, to date, beaten Alec at Sega Rally. This is because we have not challenged each other yet. As such, I have only pwned him at Daytona.

  3. Someday they’ll produce Daytona Parking Challenge, then we’ll see who’s boss.

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