Pimping My Ride

A while back on this blog, a small but vocal band of dedicated commenters mounted a Make Alec Blog campaign, no doubt hoping that an Alec blog would provide more of the bizarre nuggets of Alecness they had come to enjoy here from time to time.

I’m not sure if the original Make Alec Blog campaigners still read this blog, but anyway, I thought it was worth announcing a partial victory for the cause! Some may be dismayed to learn that he has chosen to focus the blog on chronicling his bread-baking exploits rather than his miscellaneous daily humiliations, but don’t fret, some of his entries so far suggest that the two are surprisingly similar.

Before you all head off to Alec’s blog turf, never to set foot here again, I wish to state the following for the record:

  1. Everything he writes about me is a DAMN LIE! I am an infinitely supportive and understanding spouse, not in the least bit given toward irrational unnecessarily hostile pronouncements that his fucking dough fucking fermenting in our fucking fridge is going to come to life in the night and murder us in our bed.

  2. The lame blog name is not my fault. I made many excellent suggestions, which all got shot down. For example:
    • Flour Fairy
    • Master Baker
    • Yeast Infection

Anyway, do pop over to read and/or participate as you see fit. I mostly support this development in our life, but if he starts getting more hits than me, I might have to refocus this blog too. On pr0n.


  1. Yay! But….all about bread?

    Michelle…you don’t have to sink to the depths of pOrn to increase hits…just write about pussy a whole lot. Big pussy. Small pussy. Big pussies. Small pussies. I love my pussy. Pussy loves me. My pussy has an awesome personality. etc. etc. I never knew how many pussy lovers there are out there.

    You won’t believe how many people surf the web for pictures of my cats!

  2. I am so bookmarking Alec’s blog. Am I still not allowed to bookmark yours in case my parents find out about what you’re really like?

  3. Kelly: What to do, there’s only so far I can completely dominate him and overhaul his personality according to my will. I guess he feels he wants to show the world he’s a serious artist, not just a washed up ex-gay-porn-star spandex party boy.

    Nat: Correct, you are still not allowed to link to me! Also, once baby is old enough to read you should probably block him from my site too. :P

    J: I think the best/worst iteration of that phrase was an article advertised on the cover of the local Maxim a while back – “Pimp Your Bride”.

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