Photoshop 0.1 and some thumbscrews

Whee, Django’s got all used CDs at $7.99 for a week. I hope I haven’t just made a huge mistake by buying The Sebadoh.

Radiohead played songs from the upcoming Amnesiac at SXSW. The uncanny “similarity” between Kevin Raub’s report at CDNOW and these track descriptions at a fansite makes me wonder who’s been plagiarizing who. Meanwhile, Kid A continues to grow on me, and Amnesiac looks set to be interesting listening at the very least.

My heart goes out to Bushonics speakers everywhere, not. Ah, politics. It almost makes you long for those good ol’ Stalin days, where Photoshop 0.1 and a couple of thumbscrews were all you needed to conceal the terrifying truth about politicians from the great unwashed masses.