Personality Typing

Okay, so I cave in and do the Bridget Jones quiz, and it tells me:

Your profile is a tie between: The anti-Bridget. Not very Bridget. A little bit of Bridget. More Bridget than not. Very, very Bridget!

So let me get this straight. According to Underwire, that Bill Gates finger on the pulse of modern women, I’m either some sort of mighty morphin’ personality goo, or I’m so completely together and well-balanced that I can’t be shoe-horned into any one type. Come to think of it, I rather fancy the goo.

On the topic of personality typing, a more definitive source of guidance than Underwire got quite scarily into my head a couple of years ago, when I took the Myers-Briggs test in junior college. I don’t think they offer the complete test over the Web, but you can try its kid sister. The ENTP description in the booklet I got at the time was by far the most accurate I’ve ever read of myself, but this one got quite a lot right as well. I also liked this distillation of typical prayers each Myers-Briggs type might make.