Perfect Day

Yesterday had the potential for hellishness, but somehow managed to turn out almost as perfect as it could have been instead. Keep in mind that by perfect in this context I don’t mean winning lotteries or sprawling with paper-umbrella’d drinks on sunkissed beaches or even a Pavement reunion concert.

This is what I mean: I woke up in time for morning prayer, had breakfast, arrived early for my 9 am lecture and stayed fully awake throughout it. Answered loads of tournament-related emails and wrote a blog entry. Went grocery shopping and cooked a divine spinach and bacon omelette for lunch. Put final organizational touches on tournament for today with Mark, including coming up with 7 debating motions we liked and were happy with in a reasonably efficient period of time. Romped through the Bentham reading I had to do for today. Got my company law essay back – a high 2-1! Attended special lecture by Sir Peter North (Conflict of Laws guru) and actually understood most of it. Went home and realized there was nothing, nothing, nothing more I had to do for the day. Went happily off to see Alec and listen to patchy but generally enjoyable hip-hop at 93 Feet East.

Sounds completely mundane when I write it, but there’s a real satisfaction in the fact that I had so many things I needed to do on the day before a tournament I’ve spent the last month organizing, and was very worried about the amount of time I’d been sacrificing for something irrelevant to my degree – and I managed to do everything and more (the omelette was a plus).

Funny how things swing. Maybe I should attend morning prayer more often.