Operation Get-Michelle-Out-Of-The-House: Initial Success

But then I got lazy.

Thursday’s usual crapness was substantially mitigated by a night pilgrimage to Cargo with Esther for Xen bliss. Lots of fun discovering the joys of frozen melon schnapps shots (topped with Bailey’s), two successive gorgings on fries gloriously slopped with ketchup and mayo, and the sonic smorgasboard that is the Ninja Tune sound unfolding around us all the time. Satisfyingly vigorous stints of probably the most uninhibited dancing I’ve done for a while. An atmosphere I hadn’t felt for ages – that the people on the dancefloor were there simply because they loved the music and wanted to dance to it. Not to look beautiful, not to pull, not to be able to say they’d been to the latest trendy Shoreditch bar. I liked that.

Thursday’s exertions necessitated a restful Friday night, so the highlight of an extremely quiet night in an eerily deserted hall was laughing maniacally to the South Park Thanksgiving pageant episode with Zad and Tay, although watching Zad and Tay chortle and fall off chairs was almost funnier than what was on the screen.

The most fun I had on Saturday was doing the Big Issue crossword (party on, Michelle), which really does sound rather pathetic, especially since we somehow just couldn’t manage to figure out “Producer of natural foods” (available letters *A*R*M**) and eventually scrawled FAARRMER.

I think I still need to get out more.

Lots of things appeal. Surrealism at the Tate Modern, The Homecoming, The Man Who Wasn’t There, long sprawling walks around London (which I haven’t done for a while, and rather miss), and of course there’s always frivolous shopping. Also, I suddenly feel like Barcelona or Berlin. Possibilities, possibilities…