One, Two, Three, Four…

…I declare Kitten War!

If there’s a kitten cuter than Squee in the universe, I fear I may not survive seeing it.

Addendum: a slightly odd conversation I had with Alec last night.

Me: At this Kitten War site there’s a kitten that’s shooooooo cute! It’s called Squee! There’s another kitten called Sox that’s cute too but there’s something special about Squee that I really like.
Alec, eyes half glazed over: So, is Squee a black kitten?
Me, surprised: Yes! How’d you guess that?
Alec: Well, in all these contests, you always like the black one.

[To put things in context, here are some recent reality TV favourites of mine: Fantasia, LaToya, Jennifer, George (LOVED all of them in American Idol 3), Uchenna and Joyce (Amazing Race), first Anwar and then Vonzell after Anwar got boring (American Idol 4).]


  1. Man, I feel so sorry for the losers. It sucks to be ugly. But ooooooh KITTY KITTY KITTY

  2. You must have been damn happy then… when Uchenna and Joyce won the Amazing Race. =) That particular last leg was a real nail biting experience!

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