1. Congrats!

    I’m guessing you wish that you were at the Aaron Kwok dancing nation tour instead? :)

    Missing para para sakura is a tragedy. Or would that be missing a tragedy?

  2. Seriously, I think i might actually go for the concert if not for your wedding!!! No kidding here! I probably don’t know most of his songs but I will go just to fulfill my teenage fantasy!

  3. So Mich, what would happen if MJ performed a one night only concert in Singapore on the day of your wedding?

  4. Kelly: No contest, I’m afraid. I can’t wait to marry Alec. :)

    On the other hand, for my two friends who are prepared to miss Sonic Youth playing the seminal Daydream Nation album in its entirety in London, just to travel here for my wedding? THAT’S real sacrifice!

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