Off To North England and Scotland

I’ve popped in to say that I’m going on a merrie exploringge trippe around ye olde England and ye…er…bonnie Scotland with Luke tomorrow, and so updates may or may not happen for the next week. We’re sponging off friends in Cambridge, Nottingham, York and Durham, so Internet access should be easily available there, but once we hit Scotland it’ll have to be cybercafes, which we may or may not go to. There will, however, be many hours spent on National Express coaches, during which I’ll have plenty of time to scribble things down as I tend to enjoy doing on long rides, so perhaps some of that will make an appearance here when we get back.

We get back to London on the second or thirdish, I think. We only planned all of this yesterday, so we have no idea what we’re doing in Scotland or where we’re staying. What fun. :)

Meanwhile, tonight is a poetry reading at my hall, which should be interesting at the very least. I’m reading this, because I think it reads well and is easy to listen to, and because most of the poetry I’ve written myself recently is either too poor or too private to share. Got to run back for it now – I anticipate Artem the mad Russian reading William McGonagall, and I don’t want to miss it.