Of Indie Nights And Missing Willies

Much gratitude to Terence for telling me about Friday’s indie night at Cafe Cosmo – I usually take an arrogant pride in never relying on anyone else to tell me about cool events/albums/books/anythings, but I’d have been clueless about this if not for him. The cafe itself is a lovely place; upon first walking in it reminded me of Hideout, but after further exploration revealed model planes hanging from the ceiling, shelves of toy collections on the walls, and indie CDs for sale (apparently the cafe are sole distributors here for labels like Hydrogen Dukebox and Kranky?!), it became clear to me that there was no longer any point comparing them.

I feel a little guilty every time I subject Alec to indie nights, because conversations between people who’ve spent a decade or more obsessed with music are obviously not very interesting for people who haven’t. This time, however, Dominique was also there, and in the same boat as him. They seem to have got along well. I returned from a nice chat with Daren to be informed that they’d “lost Willy”. Apparently, Willy had been in Alec’s pocket right before they went to the bar to buy drinks, but what with Willy being “a bit small”, Alec couldn’t find him in his pants any more.

“Willy”, for anyone wondering, was a “Willy Weeder” card in the Happy Families card pack they’d been playing with. Sorry, Cafe Cosmo!


  1. I will be eternally grateful that the two of you were there. Alec is a really warm and friendly guy (BLOG, ALEC, BLOG!) and I got to talk to both of you about things that’ve been bothering me and didn’t quite know who I could talk to! I did enjoy the music but I enjoyed the company a whole lot more.

    I was most amused by the story about the pole and the hot teacher… and I must apologise to Cafe Cosmo for being part of the dastardly pair that broke up a happy family. And on my maiden visit too! Sorry about that!

  2. Sounds like a cool place to check out. How’s the food?

    Anyway I didn’t quite realise that you linked me HAHA am greatly honoured, but er I closed down my diaryland site and will be moving to liquidblade as soon as I bother learning how to use WP. In the meantime I have something temporary up at blogspot. Just to let you know.

  3. Hi Michelle, I passed up the chance of meeting you for real on Friday because I chickened out heh…Terence offered to introduce me but I thought it was way too stalker-like, so I declined. As I told him,”Er, maybe next time!”

    Cafe Cosmo is a really nice little place alright, pity the CD selection is a bit small, but there’s good stuff there. It’s mainly Elefant releases (Spanish indie-pop label, also European home to Glasgow’s Camera Obscura) with some Kranky on the side. Speaking of which, turns out there’s another place which has Kranky stuff, have a look at this:



    It was posted to the Peekaboo mailing-list (the people responsible for Friday’s do) recently. I’m pretty surprised and glad there’s a shop like that here…about time!

  4. Dom: The pleasure was ours too. I think the only one who didn’t have a good night was poor Willy. Hmm, I must ask Alec whether he popped up later or not.

    del: We didn’t eat there, so I don’t know. Go give it a try anyway, it’s a lovely place! Thanks for the site update.

    Enid Coleslaw: HAH??! I didn’t even know you knew Terence. Next time I shall insist he introduces us! I can understand being shy about meeting someone really cool and famous or whatever but hello, it was just ME. Would’ve loved to meet you. Humph.

    And yes, I’m aware of Flux US and intending to go check it out soon, but have a feeling its prices will still work out higher than my usual 2nd-hand Djangomusic purchasing route. I’m glad it exists though. I’ll support it if I can.

  5. Cafe cosmos is nice. Now I wanna checkout flux us. There’s electroclash nite on monday at HOme. Come come!

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