I have to return House of Meetings to the library today without having finished it, unfortunately (The Somnambulist got in the way), but before I do I just have to capture this rather intriguing line: “…even in their most intimate dealings the women, too, were worked on by socio-economic reality. In the post-war years, there were no non-swallowers in the Soviet Union. None.”


  1. I’m surprised no one has commented on this. That said, comments about high potassium content, and lines like ‘waste not want not’ might give me the air of a chauvinist. But any culture that makes soup out of just beetroot has to get good nutrition wherever it can.

  2. I was dismayed upon seeing your comments because they suggested either my general knowledge was poor or your science lessons in school were waaay different from mine. So, of course I googled it, and it turns out you’re both wrong!

    Just remembered my mum occasionally borrows my laptop to prepare her adult catechism powerpoint presentations. Erasing search history now.

  3. Michelle!! I can’t believe you actually went to google this!!!!

    We learn new things everyday, don’t we?


  4. B-b-but it says “Besides protein, semen contains high concentrations of some minerals, such as zinc”. So I’m kind of right. Right?

    I’m not going to argue with you about the nutritional content of semen though. It might set precedents that we will probably be unwilling to continue at the next family gathering.

  5. Fair point, Nat. It was spunky of you to stand by your statement and argue it.

    (OK OK will stop!)

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