Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis (James Laughlin)

Little time now
and so much hasn’t
been put down as I
should have done it.
But does it matter?
It’s all been written
so well by my betters,
and what they wrote
has been my joy.

Scott at writes about driving through mountains in a very different part of the world, but so much of it could be written about the Scottish Highlands as well. Go read it for an idea of the actual experience, which I have neither the time nor skill to evoke as amazingly well as he does.

* * *

I might not have very much time to write till Thursday, which is the day I get kicked out of my hall room (and therefore have to pack up all the junk I’ve accumulated this year prior to that), the day I have the finals of a mooting competition that I’d rather like to win, and the day on which I’d have been flying back to Singapore, if not for the above damn competition, which I got told about way too late.