• Breaking news from the Onion: Radical Islamic Extremists Snowboard Into U.S. Embassy
  • It’s rather too late for a Valentine’s Day entry, but if you feel like poking a little fun at your favourite new-age sensitive guy this strip from Pearls Before Swine is kinda cute.
  • Okay, so this season’s Top 12 guys on American Idol are almost all appallingly bland and have wussy voices (God I miss Elliott, no one there sings like a man), but my heart still goes out to Phil Stacey because no one deserves to be compared unfavourably to Chris Daughtry. Which is why Idolatr’s well-spotted screencap from the iTunes store amused me. Coincidence? Or the DIVINE WRATH OF RAAAAAA?


  1. Totally true. There was one white chick who sang with expressions of agony. Have always hated that. I don’t actually know who is in anymore, but I have faith in America, people…!

  2. Daryl: Oh, totally! But I’m still eagerly anticipating the possibility that Lakeisha and Stephanie (my other 2 favourites) will up their game accordingly too.

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