Nowhere Mall

They don’t make them like Cuppage Plaza any more.

I haven’t met many people who share my penchant for forgotten places and faded glory, which is why I’m so glad I have the Orgers to do things like drink in the Mitre Hotel, explore Potong Pasir, and sing KTV in the saddest, dingiest shopping centre in Orchard Road with.

Don’s picture captures the listless, boarded-up feel of the place better than mine does, but I fell too much in love with the lifts and wanted to make them look beautiful.

Cuppage Plaza lifts, Singapore

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  1. Cuppage Plaza, seen from six or seven thousand miles distant, and without any sense of its Singaporean context, makes for a strangely beguiling image. While looking at it, at one point, it brought to mind the final line of

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