Norway: The Sun Shines In Bergen

According to the Lonely Planet, it rains in Bergen at least 275 days a year, and according to the guide on a walking tour I took today, even in summer most days get at least one shower. I guess jamminess has followed me from London, because in my one day in Bergen, I’ve had lovely blue skies and no rain.

The solo traveller thing is going totally fine, although I’m getting a little worried that I’m almost too self-contained for my own good. Sure, I have little chats here and there, and readily initiate conversation with people if the situation is conducive, but most of the time I’m quite absorbed in myself – writing my travel journal, reading the history/culture bits of my guidebook which I haven’t read yet, just sittin’ and thinkin’ – and I’ve found so far that I’m actually very happy that way.

I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising, because I’m very much like that in Singapore or London as well. But I thought it might somehow be different in a situation where I’m totally alone. Still, it’s very early days yet. I’m sure loneliness will attack at some point, but for now I’m glad to say I’m doing great with just Michelle for company.


  1. Lucky you! I’m glad travelling alone has been ok. I’ll be travelling alone for a bit this summer too (nothing like yours, just a few days), so it’s nice to read about someone else doing ok. :)

  2. aiyah!!!! so lucky that you’re in bergen!! did u get a chance to see all the clubs/places that Kings of Convenience, Annie, Sondre Lerche, Magnet and Royksopp played?

    they should do a scandipop tour there…

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