Non Sequitur

His hair was classic 60something/Chinese/male, Brylcreemed to the contours of his head like brittle plastic. He was walking with a little girl in school uniform, possibly his daughter but more probably his grand-daughter. Her pink vinyl Barbie schoolbag hung from his shoulder, and her Tare Panda waterbottle was slung across his torso. His T-shirt had raglan sleeves. It read “Funky Monkey”.


  1. hey belated happy st. Patrick’s DAy and i hope you had a really great one. that guy would not have been out of place in O’Connell St. any time yesterday (well he’d have to wearing an inflattable green white and orange viking helmet to look totally at home)

  2. So lets get the ball rolling here people.

    Just cause the comments section is bereft of its usual steady flow of dubious humour and even though Michelle is choosing to act all coy don’t mean we can’t be congradulating her on passing 24.

  3. Happy birthday! I’m sure you had a kickass weekend, have a speedy recovery and a kickass year ahead.

  4. :) Happy birthday (whenever that was)!!! hahaha. I’m a convert to your blog. ;p but I’m quite a serious one! Oh yes, ermmm. Just wondering..I’m organising this poetry event…would you like to read? or maybe just turn up, yes. :p I could use all the support I can get. And I’m dying for some time off to watch Big Fish!

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