Non-Grouchy Moments

I meant to write about the Friday night before Chinese New Year: the prosperity god in a Suntec City atrium with enormous breasts that turned out to be unfortunately placed oranges, the first yu sheng of the season on the outdoor balcony of NUSS bar, $6 cocktails, filthy conversations which were hopefully not overheard by too many people due to their extreme offensiveness, the astonishing ability of Mundian To Bach Ke to collectively transform Fay, Yen and me from house-music-induced sleepyheads into dancefloor divas in the Boom Boom Room, the astonishing ability of Yish to climb large sculptures in Raffles Place and get dragged on stage by drag queen cabaret comedians, the astonishing discovery by me that I was thoroughly enjoying myself in Singapore.

I meant to write about judging a debating tournament the next day at Serangoon JC, and being told by a particular teacher that he would never forget how, two years ago, I had rebuilt his team’s shattered confidence after their day of losses and harsh criticism.

I meant to write about last Saturday’s excursion to the mindboggling Mitre Hotel on Killiney Road (Directions: Walk down Killiney Road, away from Orchard Road and past all the food joints. You will see “145” spray-painted on a pillar, and a scary-ass pitch dark driveway on your left, which every intuitive bone in your body tells you not to walk up. Walk up it. Round the bend there will appear a quiet, dimly lighted building vaguely reminiscent of the Bates Motel. You’ve arrived.), where we swigged cheap beer, sat gingerly on ancient dusty mismatched furniture, tiptoed up unlighted staircases to gawk at the unbelievable dilapidation of the first storey, and somehow loved it so much we’re adamant on going back and becoming regulars at the bar.

I meant to write about beginning to find some shreds of meaning in my life in Singapore, but I was too busy living it.


  1. Hey .. My sis says she bumped into you at a debate – is she any good? Also, fancy introducing James and I to the sordid pleasures of the boom boom when we’re over?

  2. I love this latest post. It’s really well-written (well, not so unlike the rest of your posts, but this one in particular, like all pieces of good writing, hits that note somewhere inside in that feel-good place). :)

    Whilst we’re praising your writing, please excuse this shabby attempt, because after three and a half days of chaos, muscle strain, multiple trips between houses with a rented van and a freaking flat-pack cabinet from Index that was so not easy self-assembly it’s untrue, it’s all I can do to spell properly…

    You’ve made my very tired mind really happy today though, with this post. Hence the praise in the first paragraph which I couldn’t quite provide a coherent reason for.

  3. Tamara: I don’t think there are any sordid pleasures of the “boom boom” that you need introducing to. Or did you mean the comedy club? :P

    Nat: What can I say, except thank you for such a lovely comment! And it was perfectly coherent, don’t worry. Will write more in an email!

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