1. I have not the words.

    Can I borrow your post and put it in my blog? I’d link, but we’ve already established that that would not be such a great idea…

  2. Hey, I just attended a service where the guy delivering the sermon told us to regard the tsunami as an opportunity to create more Christians and free those poor people from the Buddhist/Muslim/Hindu lies…

  3. Nat, feel free to not link. Discretion is the better part of valour as far as our family is concerned.

  4. Ah, Laura has already (partly) fulfilled my prediction:

    I’m waiting for someone to claim that this disaster is God using His Holdiay to punish the Muslims for 11th September.

  5. I would say God is using His holiday to punish the Muslims for September 11th. (Well, someone had to say it.)

    While I’m sure none of us wishes him ill, I can’t see anyone taking solace in Helmut Kohl having survived it unharmed. Richard Attenborough has as much of my sympathy as everyone else who lost family and friends.

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