My Favourite Bald Chick

I deviate a moment from this blog’s regular (well, not so regular any more) programme of self-absorption to tell you that a dear friend of mine, Ng Mei Fay, is shaving her head to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

This is obviously a pretty cool thing to do, but in itself, it isn’t the only reason I’m asking you to support her. I’m also asking you to support her because it’s just one out of many charitable involvements Fay has had over the years. And without going into details, she has committed herself to such efforts despite personal problems that would cripple many people.

Please consider making an online donation at Fay’s pledge page, no matter where you are in the world.


  1. Benny, sorry but I deleted your comment. It was as funny as usual but I don’t want my site to be findable by Googling my name.

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