My Deer Fiance

We’re trying to choose a videographer for the wedding at the moment, and part of this exercise involves watching a bunch of online samples almost universally soundtracked with From This Moment On. I do actually kinda love that song, but it’s not really us. A conversation on the subject:

Me: How about something by the Pixies, we both like that band.
Alec: [big happy face]
Me: I know what you’re thinking and NO WE CAN’T USE CARIBOU! The song has to be at least vaguely relevant to the topic of love!
Alec: We could change the chorus to “Marry you”.
Me: ……


  1. Here Comes Your Man? – seems vaguely relevant in the chorus. To my shame I’m not familiar with the words in the verses.

    (Checks Pixies lyrics site)

    Actually, my mistake. Wave of Mutilation probably not so appropriate either, depending on how much people have to drink at the reception.

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