Mouldy Speeches

I’d hoped to start posting straight away after unveiling the redesign, about my swinging single lifestyle this month while Alec’s been in Ireland on a long business trip, about the joys of overnight sexy scrabble sleepovers with old friends, about weeknight wagyu + foie gras burgers and weekend garage sale gold-digging.

Then, I found mould on a bunch of my t-shirts in a cupboard and was unceremoniously catapulted into a world of laundry pain. The washing, the cupboard cleaning, the bamboo pole fumbling, the ironing – I washed the rest of the clothes in there, just in case – have effectively cockblocked me from any sort of sexy swinging life this week, and when, in exhaustion, I declared Tuesday night a laundry-free zone, I was only fit to lie slack-jawed on the couch watching my new Entourage box set (from aforementioned garage sale, 3 seasons’ original box sets for $15).

After all this, there’s been precious little time for correcting the remaining errors I’ve spotted in the redesign or putting something in that blank About page, so bear with me – there’s a first time for every excuse and I’ve definitely not used this one before but: I blame the evil spores.

Oh, and Portishead’s Third album is still the best album I’ve heard this year. What’s yours?


  1. Yikes, mold is a nasty force to fight. Good thing you caught it early. Things look nice around here — congrats on renovating. I’m always scared to renovate sockparade because it means I’ll be completely unproductive in every other aspect of my life for the next month.

    And damn, 3 seasons of Entourage for $15 is a pretty sweet find.

  2. I can’t think of any albums I’ve bought at all, let alone a favourite – I’ve been really rubbish with music this year. My favourite album that I’ve heard for the first time this year is probably Simple Pleasures by Bobby McFerrin. And I have a feeling I’m actually going to really like this new Metallica album.

    Oh, yeah, and In Rainbows was this year. That’s easy then, it wins.

  3. Oh yeah, the new Portishead. Super luper duper awesome.

    The other record that I’ve been bumping a lot is Flying Lotus’ ‘Los Angeles’.

    For emo moments I put on Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma Forever Ago’.

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