Mosaic Festival Vs Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack…FIGHT!

I guess it was too much to hope that 2008’s Mosaic festival would be as unbelievably awesome for me as 2007’s. The indie acts coming mostly make pretty indie music for pretty indie kids, which is not a bad thing in itself, but everything I’ve heard by them is also pretty uninspired. I loved and still like Múm’s Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK but the tweeness of Finally We Are No One and Summer Make Good means that those albums really haven’t stood the test of time for me. I also found them quite dull live, and in hindsight it’s quite amazing that when I saw them in 2004, Animal Collective (who far outshone them, and I wish it was them coming here instead) was merely their opening band.

I’ll probably end up going to a bunch of gigs anyway since I’m always so desperate for them here, but much will depend on ticket prices, which are usually quite high. At times like this I’m especially thankful for The Necessary Stage’s Singapore Fringe Festival, which has offered adventurous and unpatronising music events for the past few years at great prices. We just got our $15 tickets for the Colleen / Sylvain Chauveau / Hauschka triplebill at the Esplanade Recital Studio – I mean, seriously. Seriously!



    I don’t mind seeing the Soil & Pimp Sessions though.

    Yeah, SOIL AND PIMP, that be their names.

    Stop being a snob!!! Let’s go for BSS!

  2. Would anyone in London like to see DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist at the Roundhouse on March 13, 2008? Or Shlomo and DJ Yoda at the South Bank Centre on February 22, 2008?

    I’m really not advertising the difference in the music scene between London and Singapore. I’m honestly looking for music kakis! I had to explain who Underworld was to a good friend of mine last night, so you can see why I’m resorting to advertising on your blog, Mich!

  3. Jebus, I’d KILL to go for the Shadow/Chemist gig! They’re doing that all-45’s thing again, with eight freekin’ turntables!

  4. No killing will be necessary to attend the gig, Benny, just that long-postponed return visit to England…

    Dominique, good luck with finding those kakis, but I’m fairly sure this blog only has a very few London-based readers any more so I don’t know how effective your advertising here will be. :(

  5. Hey, did you know that Djangos is closed? I just found out. I was looking to order Miles Davis’ Complete On The Corner Sessions. I’m sad. :(

  6. Mich: Shortly after posting my comments on your blog, Russ e-mailed me so I guess in a way I managed to find someone after all! :) (just to counteract the two :(s above)

    Benny: Yes, I found out Djangos was closed just over a week ago as well when I was looking to order a couple of uncommon albums. It’s a real shame it closed down. I found it really useful for getting all albums and DVDs at reasonable prices (especially for the ones which are banned in Singapore, seeing as the postal service seemed to check only packages from Amazon and other major retailers).

    On another note, I will be back home in March this year, so if there is anything anyone wants me to keep an eye out for, feel free to let me know.

  7. Mich:: P.S. Are you going to be doing a Top 10 (5, 25, whatever strikes your fancy) albums/songs of 2007 list?

  8. Colleen / Sylvain Chauveau / Hauschka for S$15


    I’m not a fan of Hauschka, but Colleen and Sylvain Chauveau for 5 quid? Wow.

  9. Dom: not had one of those in a year or two. Frankly I’d like any music blogs at this stage. Blogs about how great Alec is are boring, not to mention downright innacurate.

    One of my friends wants me to go see Shadow/Chemist and I’m mulling over it. Listened to Product Placement and didn’t think all that much of it. That was on mp3 rather than 8 turntables though so maybe I should give it a lash.

  10. Haha James, why are you dissing your brother and pretending to be “Dom”? (BTW, I thought the Shadow gig I attended was pretty meh, so wouldn’t go out of my way to attend more. But if cost and ease of attendance are OK, then yeah, you might as well give it a go.)

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