1. That’s hilarious! And amazingly coincidental, given that last week, my friend was explaining to me the different levels of guai-lan-ness (namely, in ascending order, guai lan, lao lan, tu lan and xia lan).

    I’m, sadly, only at Level 1 on the GL-metre.

  2. AHHH!! TU LAN!!! Our favorite Vietnamese food place in San Francisco!

    I have explained to all my non-Singaporean friends what the name meant.

    But the food is just fabulous. Although we always come out of that hole-in-the-wall place smelling like food. A must-go if visiting. If only for the experience of walking down 6th St in SF…crackheads, homeless people, together with the hippest bars and great food.

    Still haven’t found a good cheap Vietnamese restaurant here in NYC…probably due to the lack of Vietnamese immigrants (vs. in West Coast where there were tons).

  3. Haha, how coincidental Kelly! I didn’t actually realize it was in SF, I just saw the name and burst out laughing. This blog seems to have a bit of California love goin’ on lately, what with this post and the more recent one about the Salton Sea. Probably an attack of wanderlust.

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