Mission Of Justice

Apart from one minor grovel a week ago I’ve mostly refrained from comment on the Asia Weblog Awards 2003. Today, however, I discovered a travesty and must report it.

No, it’s not that my blog isn’t winning. Frankly, I’m ecstatic there are even 36 people who’d vote for me in the first place, and very grateful to everyone who has.

It’s that in the Funniest Blog category, Little Yellow Different isn’t winning. I should say at this point that I don’t know the guy from Adam. I have absolutely no vested interests in pimping his site. It’s just that more than almost any other blog I’ve ever read, this one has cracked me up (as in, it’s laughing-out-loud ha-ha-funny not just minor-internal-titter funny) so consistently I could tell my (currently non-existent) health insurance company about it in a bid for lower premiums.

Seriously. Read this and this and this. Web geeks will like this and this. And then there are his Ernie’s Mom stories. Look, just go.


  1. thanks for the reminder michelle. i’m going to vote for LYD right now, for ernie and his mum have been keeping me in stitches for the most part of this year and the last. =)

  2. hey there, came across your site from flyingchair.net. hehe, i totally agree with you about LYD. i also discovered his site through the asia blog awards, and i just about busted my gut laughing like a loon at all the stuff he had posted up there. ;)

  3. …invalidated tags,,,??? oh yes…hmmm here’s a link you may want to edit from your website as although its hilarioiusly funny. its a satirical website about Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) and its a bit difficult to follow for those of us lucky enough not to come from that Charming corner of Ireland …


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