Miserably Failing To Fight The Power

Hallelujah, it lives.

Things I did yesterday when Blogger wasn’t showing me love:

  • Finally got round to completely reading the famous Things my girlfriend and I have argued about page. Wish I’d gotten to it sooner, because it’s absolutely hilarious!
  • Looked for Sonic Youth T-shirts on eBay and got pissed off because they’re all big enough for the entire band to wear at the same time.
  • Looked for Sonic Youth posters on eBay and got pissed off because I either can’t afford to buy the good ones, or they’re not shipped internationally.
  • Contemplated the existential dilemma of postmodern man. Not.
  • Got very strange looks from other people in the computer room while looking at Lego porn.
  • Caught up with Red Meat and Get Fuzzy.
  • Read The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock for the umpteenth time. I never tire of it.
  • Completely wasted my entire day in unproductive activity and left the blasted cluster room hours later seething with frustration and disgust.

Oh, Blogger. The power. The power…