Michelle Gone To Heaven

Music For Robots (which I really must add to my sidebar, because it has given me more great songs in the past few weeks than some other mp3 blogs have in their lifetimes) alerted me to this trippy version of Monkey Gone To Heaven, done by The Artist Currently Known As Frank Black Francis.

I should probably be able to form an opinion on how this version compares to the original, but I’m just too busy smiling and burbling and swaying rhythmically back and forth with my head rolling around on my neck like Stevie Wonder to put together anything coherent.

I do miss the “Then GAAAAWWWD is seven!” screeches in the Pixies version though.


  1. Picked up a copy of the New Yorker today (why didn’t I subscribe when I was there? Cause I’m an idiot, I guess) and it says that the Pixies are playing at the Hammersmith Ballroom in December. And Wilco’s at the Radio City Music Hall in November. Does anybody want to go to New York end of the year?

  2. Hi Michelle

    i’m a long time lurker, seldom poster, just thought i’d ask you, have you heard “smile” by yer man off o’ the beach boys (Brian Wilson)and what do you think? say hi to Alec and tell him the camera is his when he wants it.

  3. Hi Brian. I haven’t heard Smile yet, but am sure as hell going to. You’ll read about it here once I do, if I feel I’ve got something worth writing about it.

    And Yen, don’t do this to me. I already have enough problems with all the great gigs I’m missing in London, without having to start moping about New York too!

  4. This is the camera ye robbed off teh yank? Ye still got his jakeh? Giv ye 10 euro for it.

    I’m going to indulge my inner scumbag and download that album. Review i read sounded rapid. (note: magazine also stolen from Easons)

  5. by way of rebuttal, i would just like to clarify, i merely took the camera into safe keeping on their behalf, and i await their retrieval of same with bated breath.

    any way

    twas the other one what dumped the jacket.

  6. Its people like you, giving interesting compliments like that, that make life difficult for the rest of us lacklustre, ordinary boyfriends.

  7. I presume that this last quote/commment is the work of Fr ‘James’ Crilly. You’d better be careful James – Brian and I might decide that our next big job will be to swipe your ipod. We could get fifty knicker for that down the market.

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