Meeting In Meatspace

I must admit I don’t actually read the blogs of most of the people who were at Hideout last night, but it was nice to see them all getting along so happily anyway. mrbrown explains how it all happened here, complete with trippy facewarped photos.

Apart from reproaching Daryl for playing Gigantic with insufficiently huge bass (contrary to what he tempted me with previously), congratulating mrbrown on having his third baby on the way, telling Mr Miyagi that rather than appearing sick to his stomach he merely exuded “quiet confidence”, chatting briefly with 2 sarongpartyfrens, and being reassured by Little Miss Drinkalot that over the years, one does actually manage to re-adjust to being in Singapore and not London, I mostly sat shyly to one side with Alec and listened to the choons. Which were not as much to my taste as the last time (I prefer my house darker, colder and scarier – “haunted house”, if you will), and I had to leave just as he started playing some indie, but I still look forward to future sets by DJ Slapdash. Do a hip-hop one, Daryl!

And to the few people I did manage to chat with, albeit awkwardly and plagued by my old bad habit of not making eye contact, it was a pleasure meeting you.


  1. If Bel lets me play a hip-hop set, I will. A nice journey from old school to the current day and back. :)

    And I do apologise for the poor bass on Gigantic. I have shot the people responsible for the mistake.

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